CowboyStudio Photography/Video Portrait Umbrella Triple

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This photography and video portrait lighting kit will provide you about 375 watts of continuous lighting, which is more than enough for anyone who is getting into photography or video. The entire kit will be setup and ready to use within a matter of minutes and its operation is very easy. There are different parts of this CowboyStudio Triple Lighting Kit that makes it what it is. Firstly, there is the light stand which is versatile, lightweight and hardworking. It is made from anodized aluminum which explains the strong and durable part of the light stand. The light weight yet strong frame also makes it very easy to set up. The light stand has a maximum height of 78 inches whereas the minimum height is 32.4 inches.

The mini light stand also is made from pressure die-cast aluminum that is of high quality. Again, it is of a black color. It can reach a maximum of 2.6 feet and the stand has very solid quick release levers. The light bulbs have an average of 10,000 hours and will help you to save about 90 watts of energy. If you look at the equivalence to incandescent it is equal to 125 watts, which a total output of 375 watt.

CowboyStudio Continuous Triple Lighting Kit Specs

Now let us give you a list of features that you will enjoy:

  • Three (3) daylight CFL light bulbs
  • Two (2) Umbrella stands
  • One (1) carrying case for the entire product for video and photo shoots
  • Three (3) 45 watt 5500K daylight bulbs
  • Two (2) 7 feet light stands
  • One (1) mini light stand
  • Three (3) light sockets
  • Two (2) 33 inch white umbrellas
  • One (1) padded carrying case
  • Reflective shields

CowboyStudio Photography/Video Portrait Continuous Triple Lighting Kit Review

At first look, CowboyStudio seems to have not put much thought into the price they were charging but then again, quality comes at a price. Many users, mostly amateur photographers, were not so willing to buy a lighting kit at such a high price because of their modest budgets. But after finally accepting their fate, they ended up buying this continuous lighting kit and they had no regret.

With the CowboyStudio Photography/Video Continuous Triple Lighting Kit, photographers will get large umbrellas which also come with reflective shields, something that was not mentioned on the product details on the box and many websites. The stands were really sturdy and the lights were very bright. The only problem that people had with this lighting kit was that the power sockets looked cheap. Is this really a problem? Let us know what you think.

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